About Wild Bill

When I was a child of three, my family immigrated to New Zealand and we lived on a large farm in the South Island near Ashburton. I was bought up from the beginning of my life in the countryside.

My brother and my Dad to me on walks exploring streams, fishing, collecting Frost fish in winter off the beach, spearing flounders, mushrooming, collecting water cress, poaching trout, picking blackberries, gardening; and in this came the foundation for my view of divinity/spirituality/life. Later my family moved to Christchurch and the Greenbelt by the Estuary, here we did much of the same. As I grew I learned to catch eels, snare rabbits, shoot, fish on my own and spent weekends with my brother and my dad fishing, on adventure walks, collecting herbs, mushrooms, or blackberrying. I soon had my own vegetable garden, a goat to help milk, chickens and learned to be a “countryman” from an English Dad in New Zealand. So began my journey as a Druid with no understanding whatsoever that I was on a journey at all. I explored the countryside on a motorcycle, searched for fossils, semi-precious stones at Birdlings Flat, fished and hunted in the Canterbury foothills.

My passion grew in time for history and mythology, and when i worked and traveled extensively through Britain to explore my heritage I became immersed in the historic landscape. On return to New Zealand I read widely about things historical, natural history and lived on several farmlets of my own, fitting this in around a career in sales and sales management.

After a personal break up, I left my home and lived in England and spent my time between my career and exploring the mythology, Natural History and history of the west of England, before finally returning home to be closer to my daughter and family.

Soon I owned a book distribution company and worked in many natural history projects before bumping into the Chief Druid of The Order of Bards Ovates and Druids here in New Zealand – Philip Carr-Gomm.  I had the opportunity to spend a year studying directly with Philip as he re-wrote the Bardic study program and was his apprentice bard, a great experience and the formalisation of the journey I had begun. My Anglo-Saxon heritage and passion for Anglo-Saxon history made me joke that I was the “Saxon Druid” – this has stayed with me as I slowly worked through the Ovate and Druid grades in the order and explored Saxon shamanic practice as well.

My experiences have been combined or melded into a commercial world. I walk as Wild Bill, completed both formal and informal study to get this far but will always be a journeyman.  I want to share what I have learned, through learning experiences that are based partially on story but greatly on personal activity and growth, to encourage others to act.  Nothing happens without action and this includes learning.

If you want to join me for a short while on my journey, you are most welcome.

Gods Bless.